Our story

Working as an acquisition manager for a residential property developer a few years ago, Lachlan Spedding found himself investigating the constraint mapping on different parcels of land, which in some instances included dozens of maps. Looking at properties in different local government areas he was amazed that all systems – and maps – were different, and quickly discovered that much of the process of navigating these systems and finding development opportunities was inefficient and slow. The complexity of existing tools and legislation meant town planning consultants and property researchers were wasting huge amounts of time on processes and systems that could be simpler, faster, and more consistent across local government areas.

Engaging a team of experts, we got to work developing a bespoke, web-based application that could handle the huge volumes of complex data from rich sources and present a unified set of tools to make property discovery and acquisition easier, including a simplified property scanning platform, constraint risk heat mapping, instant property reports, regularly updated satellite imagery and a property management system (CRM). And so, Orbmaps was born.

Meet the team


Lachlan Spedding

Founder & CEO


Kris Zima

Co-Founder & CTO


James Adams

Co-founder & COO


Feb 17 - Found Orbmaps
Oct 17 - Join Westpac Fuel-D Accelerator Program in Sydney
Jun 18 - Join River City Labs Accelerator Program in Brisbane
Jul 18 - Release Application to the public (SEQ)
Sep 18 - Implement Reverse opportunity search system
Sep 18 - Integrate Satelite Imagery
Oct 18 - Release 'My Properties' CRM System
Nov 18 - Integrate DA approvals
Dec 18 - Include Sydney
Feb 19 - Include Melbourne & NZ